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Realistic Water Physics 3

With the Realistic Water Physics 3 asset you can get your game objects floating in water within seconds. Everything is done through an easy to use interface that will help you if anything goes wrong.

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Unit Converter

The Unit Converter allows you to work in the Unity editor using the Imperial system, the asset will automaticity convert existing unity components like the Transform component to work with the imperial system.


Awesome Package and Support


Great and quick support for any problems you have puts it ahead of most of the water physics assets and all the built in support for other water assets puts it in the top spot for the best water physics you can buy!

Great tools, Awsome physics


Its by far the best Buoyancy system, fantastic and unbelievable great support, can only rate it 5* but he deserves even more, all i can say is you can buy hands down best available. Very detailed, accurate and keeps getting updated



This is quite an incredible asset. In 5 minutes i had rigid bodies floating in CETO ocean, physically accurate with lots of presets. 5/5!

Fantastic and Fun tool


This is one of those tools that you didnt know you needed until you got it. Frankly, I dont know how I was doing water physics with out it in the past. Super easy to setup, super easy to use, high performance, lots of options and fantastic personal support. Great Job!

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