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Realsitic Water Physics 3

With the Realistic Water Physics 3 asset you can get your game objects floating in water within seconds. Everything is done through an easy to use interface that will help you if anything goes wrong.

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Unit Converter

The Unit Converter is a Unity editor extension that allows users to work with the Imperial system right into the editor itself. It will make small changes to the unity components like the Transform so you can use feet instead of meters.

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Some of the reviews


The RealisticWaterPhysics, Works great, I highly recommend it, more author is listening, thank you !!!


The RealisticWaterPhysics, A “must have” when you want to extent buoyancy to non uniform shaped objects with a more realistic mass.


The RealisticWaterPhysics, This is quite an incredible asset. In 5 minutes i had rigid bodies floating in CETO ocean, physically accurate with lots of presets. 5/5!

Great tools, Awsome physics

The RealisticWaterPhysics, Its by far the best Buoyancy system, fantastic and unbelievable great support, can only rate it 5* but he deserves even more, all i can say is you can buy hands down best available. Very detailed, accurate and keeps getting updated

Must have complement to Ceto

The RealisticWaterPhysics, Great tool, highly considered physics with good performance and simple integration with Ceto. Author was very responsive to queries I had, and kindly helped out with my joint based approach to items.

Instant gratification

The RealisticWaterPhysics, Purchased Realistic Water Physics to work with Aquas river system. Within five minutes of downloading, it was up and running with a robust buoyancy system. Tuning was intuitive. Congratulations and thanks. This is how it should work.

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