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Realistic Water Physics 3.1


This asset provides the tools for any developer to make there game objects float in water.

With a build-in, easy to use interface there will be no need to code anything at all.

The manual can be found here: Manual Link

And you can find tutorial videos for all our assets on our youtube channel here:  Youtube page Link

Store page can be found here: Unity store page link


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The full list of Features:

– Plug and play
– Low performance impact.
– No extra Layer or Tags required.
– Works with the existing unity physics engine.
– You can connect child’s to the parent to act as 1 object, and link/unlink them in runtime.
– You can use joints to link objects together.
– You can group game object together
– No need to set or worry about the density.
– Easy to use interface, no need to drag with scripts.
– Simple / Advanced options
– Will not set velocity of objects, but will use force.
– Able to use with any Mesh/Collider.
– Allow runtime edits.
– Automatic checks to make sure nothing goes wrong.
– 93 build in presets!
– A interface to allow you to create your own presets.
– Support for multiple water areas at different heights.
– Unlock support with a press on a button.
– Easy to code with (Examples in the manual)
– Build in Habrador Water system, allows you to generate water waves.
– Supports the most popular water systems in the unity asset store.
– Rigedbody support
– Debugging options.

We are also supporting other water assets!
This means that with the interface in this asset you can make your game objects float in other water systems.
The only thing you need to do is install one of the fallowing assets and press the Unlock support button in the interface, that is!

Supported assets:
– Ceto: Ocean (no longer available in the asset store) but still supported!
AQUAS Water/River Set
– PlayWay Water (no longer available in the asset store) but still supported!
– Ultimate Water System
– Suimono
– Realistic Water
– Dynamic Water
Habrador (Build in)

If you like to see another water asset be added to the support list, contact us here.


The asset contains a few demos:

– A water area demo.
– A boat driving demo.
– Objects buoyancy demo.
– Script examples demo.
– The webGL demo.
– A player controller demo.

There are also a few example/demo scripts in the asset that can be used.




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