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RealisticWaterPhysics Title
Current version 2.2


A buoyancy system to make objects float on water and air.

With a easy-to-use interface, Everyone can make Objects float in water.

You can use the build-in water plane or unity default water planes,
But we recommand you use one of the supported assets to act as water.

Supported assets: (More coming soon!)


Asset store link: Here

Unity Forum page link: Here
Web Demo link: Here

Manual for version 2.0+:  Here




– Low performance impact.
– No extra Layer or Tags required.
– Can use joints to link objects together.
– 93 Real material types.
– No need to set the density.
– Easy to use interface, no need to drag with scripts.
– Simple / Advanced options
– Will not set velocity of objects, but will use force.
– Can use any Mesh/Collider.
– Allow runtime edits.
– Easy to add more materials with a bit of code.
– Support Ceto: Ocean System
– Support PlayWay Water System
– Support AQUAS Lite
– Support AQUAS Water/River Set
– Support Dynamic Water System

The system works by calculating the density of object by material type.
We have included the following real materials to this asset for you to use:

55 Solid materials – 16 fluid materials – 22 Gas Materials


(Note: those are not Physic Materials)

based on the selected material, volume and mesh of the object, the system will calculate its mass and density for you.

As this may be a bit overwhelming for some users we have added a easy to use setup window.

Allowing you to make any gameobject float after just a few clicks


The water setup is small and by default ready to go!


No need to think about density or mass of your gameobjects any more.
Everything will be calculated for you!


A small demo how to use the RealisticWaterPhysics V2.0+


With Ceto: Ocean System:

With PlayWay Water System:

Plans for version 2.3: (In development!)
-Water areas, Use different water levels trough out the scene.
– Water current support for AQUAS Water/River Set
– Realistic Water Asset support.
– Option to use 2 or more assets at the same time

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